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   "Acting is the art of being human."
                           - RKG

Everything RKG

Richard Kent Green -- "RKG", as colleagues know him -- has worked in TV, Film, Commercials, and Theatre for decades, playing the squirrely guy who "gets it" (or thinks he does) because he's freakishly smart or he's ruled by his heart; and one usually gets in the way of the other.

He grew up in Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, and Fire Island, NY, the third son of a former protestant minister and an OG Jersey Girl.

Richard's life as an artist began on his third birthday, when he announced that he'd be a clown when he grew up. He first trod the boards in community theater at the age of ten. Acting and singing carried him through high school and college, when his best friend gave him his first ukulele. He worked on the road -- acting, singing & moving well -- until he came to New York, where he soon immersed himself in indie theater, first as a member of Love Creek Productions, then as company artist, director, and producer with the WorkShop Theater Company, with occasional forays into TV, film and commercials.

Now, his focus is on TV, film & commercial work.

ALSO: Richard helps run a New York circle of shamanic practitioners (with a camp at Burning Man -- where he's known as "Einstein"); he's on the Consent Support team at House of Yes; he plays banjolele in the novelty band Unintended Consequences; and he lives in Hell's Kitchen.

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